Multi Fit Deck Lid

The Multi Fit Deck Lid is a durable replacement for lost or broken skimmer box lids!

Each Multi Fit Deck Lid includes three adapter rings which will fit more than 95% of Australian skimmer boxes. Just select the correct size to suit your skimmer box.

Multi Fit Deck Lid Pool Products - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • The Multi Fit Deck Lid is easy to use and is built to keep you safe.
  • It features concentric ribbing to improve foot grip and reduce slipping.
  • There are also handy finger grips for easy access to your skimmer box.


  • The Multi Fit Deck Lid is virtually unbreakable and offers exceptionally long life. Its longer life also lowers your long-term cost of replacing inferior skimmer box lids
  • The Multi Fit Deck Lid uses high density PVC and carefully designed struts to absorb direct impact.
  • You can also transform your Multi Fit Deck Lid into a Flip ‘n’ Fill automatic water leveller! Achieve automatic water levelling with a simple upgrade kit. Simple. Economical!