Trio Deck Jet

Add excitement to any pool or splash playground!

The Trio Deck Jet water feature will bring excitement and beauty to your pool deck or play area. Enhancing your pool area has never been so easy!

Trio Deck Jet Product - Cooke Industries Australia


  • The Trio Deck Jet has three different spray patterns so you can create a special effect which is unique to your pool. The Water Jet, Fan Spray, and Triple Spray nozzles are easily interchangeable to suit your lifestyle. Each will create their own special effect with an easy, interchangeable technique.
  • Each flush-mounted deck nozzle comes with the three spray pattern options and a system tool that allows you to change your spray pattern with a simple turn and click.
  • Available in tan, grey or bronze, each nozzle creates their own special effect.
  • Adds a luxurious feature to any pool or splash playground.