Just relax, enjoy the environment!

The QuikClean in-floor cleaning system is your key to a low maintenance pool – the ultimate in pool ownership. Spend more time relaxing and enjoying your pool while it quickly, quietly and efficiently cleans itself.

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QuikClean Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • The QuikClean in-floor cleaning system is virtually maintenance free and you won’t even notice it’s there. It automatically cleans your pool, including steps, seats and swim out areas, so you can spend your precious leisure time with family and friends.
  • QuikClean works by pumping filtered pool water through a valve to sequential groups of pop-up floor and step nozzles. Water returns to the pool through these nozzles and directs debris towards collection points for removal. Dirt and debris is quickly drawn from your pool and captured by leaf baskets and filters.
  • The QuikSkim venturi powered skimmer is not a suction skimmer and it doesn’t need to be connected to your pump. It is powered solely by return water on its way back to your pool. QuikSkim dramatically improves surface skimming action and circulation without pump suction to ensure you save thousands of dollars throughout the life of your pool.


  • QuikClean is the most energy efficient and capable in-floor cleaning system available. The QuikSkim venturi powered skimmer is the key to QuikClean’s energy efficiency. QuikSkim powers your energy savings by using just 30 L/min of return water to generate more than 200 L/min of skimming flow. That’s an extra 12,000 litres of skimming every hour for no additional cost.
  • Superior circulation for improved sanitation, heating and chemical efficiency QuikClean is more than just a cleaning system, it’s also the ultimate pool circulation system. Thorough circulation is the key to a clean and healthy swimming pool and it will also save you $$$ on improved chemical and heating efficiency. Your pool will be a dream to swim in because QuikClean eliminates cold water pockets below the surface.
  • Individually designed specifically for your pool, your new pool is unique and it should be treated accordingly.The QuikClean team use a powerful CAD program to design a cleaning system which is specifically tailored to suit the needs of your pool and your lifestyle. Pop-up cleaning heads are strategically located to ensure overlapping streams of filtered water maximise the cleaning efficiency of your pool so you can spend more time enjoying your pool. QuikClean components are available in a wide range of colours to complement the design and style of your pool.