Make time for the important things!

Maintaining a clean, fresh and healthy pool is easy with the MagnaSweep in-floor cleaning and circulation system.  The advanced, self-cleaning technology will improve circulation and take care of the cleaning so you can enjoy precious time with family and friends.

MagnaSweep, the easy way to own a pool!

QuikClean Xtreme Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • Relax while your pool cleans itself
  • No robots, no hoses, no work
  • Reduce pool treatment and heating costs
  • Spend more time enjoying your pool
  • Great long-term investment
  • Impressive long-term warranty
  • Improves circulation & water quality
  • Safe and reliable


  • The MagnaSweep in-floor cleaning and circulation system is specially designed to suit your new swimming pool.  The cleaning heads are built into your pool during construction so they blend seamlessly into the floor of your pool.
  • The retractable cleaning heads are strategically positioned in the floor of your pool for complete cleaning coverage.  They lift and rotate with each cleaning cycle, completing a 360º sweeping action to remove debris and improve circulation.
  • Cleaning your pool has never been this easy!