Maintains not only pool water health but also quality!

Enviraflo is an innovative pool circulation system which enhances pool ownership by combining with variable- or multi-speed energy-efficient pumps to lower energy use by more than 85%, all whilst maintaining pool water health and quality.

Enviraflo Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

Enviraflo Pool System - Cooke Industries Australia

How Does it Work?

  • Energy efficient pumps are a fantastic technology, but alone, can lead to ineffective circulation and skimming. Enviraflo maintains sparkling clean water by using patented technology to restore powerful circulation and skimming rates at dollar-saving energy levels.
  • Enviraflo’s patented design works by drawing water through the AVSC drain in the lowest part of the pool – the most difficult water to move in all swimming pools. Larger debris is removed by the optional LeafVac debris canister on its way to the pump and filter.
  • After filtering, the majority of water returns to the pool through traditional eyeball returns, while 30 litres of water are redirected to the QuikSkim venturi-powered automatic skimmer. These 30 litres generate the powerful venturi skimming action of 190-265 litres per minute which are filtered by QuikSkim’s unique silk sock, further improving pool filtration by trapping ultra fine surface debris.


  • Enviraflo will improve pool filtration at a greatly reduced cost and fully integrates with all water management systems.
  • Enviraflo can be automated or manually controlled, is available in a range of stylish colours and can be installed into fibreglass and concrete pools during construction.
  • Enviraflo can help you save 85% of your pool pump costs and makes pool ownership more affordable.